Sports Injuries

Sports injuries although  often the result of overuse or over training they can be caused by poor fitness, structural and technique abnormalities.  Sports  injuries also occur due to under training, poor training practices and by not wearing the correct training equipment.

An injury that occurs as a direct result of some sudden event, such as a sprained knee caused by twisting awkwardly, is known as an acute injury.  An injury that is caused by overusing the same muscle group or joints is known as a chronic injury.

Within the first 48 to 72 hours the injury should be treated with Rest, Ice, compression and Elevation,  assessed by a physiotherapist who will diagnose and treat the injury. It is important to have your injury looked at immediately to assist you to return to your sport, how to manage your injury and prevent further injuries.

Examples of sports injures treated:

Ankle Sprain
Achilles Tendonitis
Back Pain
Groin Strain
Hamstring Strain
Knee Joint Injury
Runner’s Knee
Shin Splints
Shoulder Injury
Stress Fracture
Tennis/Golf Elbow